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Potential Transfer to UVA from Villanova, Chances?

Hey everyone! I'm currently a prospective transfer student looking to transfer to UVA from Villanova, and was wondering if I could possibly have some advice regarding the process and my possible chances. Villanova is a phenomenal school, and I'm very grateful for everyone here and all of the wonderful opportunities present at the school, however the cost of a private institution is taking a bit of a financial toll on my family, and as a result, it looks like I may need to transfer back in-state.

I've always loved UVA, and applied as a first-year student (I was rejected, however a friend of mine with similar stats who sent in her DECA information ((a widely-known marketing competition we both competed in)) was taken off the waitlist), and am hoping for a second chance to attend such a wonderful and prestigious university. I'm always open to any advice/criticism, and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my thread. Here is some basic information:

College (Liberal Arts and Sciences):

First semester GPA (estimated): 3.75-3.9 range (a bit of a wide range, however the professors here are always a bit odd about grading and weights)

Courses currently being taken (with estimated grades):

Calc I: A/A-

ACS 1000 (Essentially a combined English/History course):

Theology 1000:A/A-

Spanish for Heritage Speakers (think 300 level): A

Micro-Economics: A

Projected 2nd Semester Courses:

Calc II


ACS 1001 (required)

Philosophy (required)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers Part 2


-Membership in Blue Key Society (one of the most selective organizations on campus; essentially serves as ambassadors for the university. Currently in the process of becoming a tour guide.)

-Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity

-Hispanic Society

-Vida Villanovans in Defense of Animals

-Villanova Day of Service

-Intramural Volleyball

-Creation and organization of coat-drive for homeless shelters in Philadelphia (pending approval)

H.S. Information:

GPA: 3.70 (Graduated from Langley High School (Fairfax County) in Northern Virginia, one of the most competitive high schools in the nation. Rising GPA trend, with a senior year GPA of 4.0-4.1. Strongest schedule taken during senior year.)

ACT: 30-31 (not entirely sure, taken a long time ago)

APs: US History (5), AP Lang (4), AP Gov (5), AP Stat (4), AP Lit (3...don't ask, half the school either received a 3 or 5 haha)

SAT IIs: US History-750, Math II-710


-Eagle Scout (held numerous leadership positions in troop, organized several community service projects as well)

-Two internships with World Health Organization (prepared presentation for U.N. summit on non-communicable diseases), paid internship with America's Energy Forum (energy consulting firm, spent two months this past summer organizing logistics and lobbying Congress with military veterans from several states for the purpose of promoting energy security, met with several senators and representatives)

-Youngest ever manager of local swimming and tennis club (year-round employment)

-Founder of Hispanic Student Organization

-2nd place in Virginia DECA states overall in most competitive individual category

-Leadership, National, and Spanish Honor Societies

-Membership in several clubs, most of which were community service based

-Varsity Track/Cross Country all four years of high school career (previously held state record in hurdle event)

-Member of community Bible study (played in worship band for the last two years)

-Captain of club soccer team

-Assistant club swim coach


-Hispanic Male

-Native Virginian for past 18 years (lived for one year in South America)

-Nearly fluent in Spanish

-Play multiple instruments (Piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, etc.)

-Member of local band (have been paid to play at various events)

-Christian: Protestant

-Big supporter of UVA football (just a fun fact!)

Please let me know if you think my application stands at chance at being competitive for a second year transfer. I intended to apply into the school of Liberal Arts and Sciences, most likely as either Pre-Commerce or undeclared. I know several people who have transferred into UVA (one from Wake-Forest with a 3.3 gpa, another from University of South Carolina), and am hoping that I am able to call myself fortunate enough to be among them in the near future! Thank you for your time and assistance =)

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    Well first off, this isn't an application so no need to sound so brown-nosey. Second, what difference does it make knowing if you have a chance or not? You're going to apply no matter what right? You've clearly done more than enough research on the subject to know nobody here can straight up tell you that you will or will not get in. Otherwise, the whole college application process wouldn't really mean anything.

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    They can lead you in the right direction, I'm positive!

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    nobody cares about your highschool grades and stuff once you have started college.

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