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The Crucible (Book) John Proctor?

Is John Proctor a tragic hero? Explain the elements of Proctor as a hero and what might be viewed as 'Tragic".

Someone please help I need about 4 paragraphs

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    8 years ago
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    I don't know about four paragraphs, but here you go:

    John Proctor is definitely a tragic hero. As you know, the entire play is revolved around witch trials in Massachusetts, except the punch line is there's no witches. The town and the "judges" truly believe that every person the girls point out as a witch, is a witch. John Proctor is a well liked and respected man around the town. John is a hero because with his death, unfortunately, the trials ended. What makes him a tragic hero is the fact that he was wrongly accused, first of all. The people of the town were calling for the witches to be hung for justice, and the people didn't care who was hung. Because of the simple fact that everybody liked John, his death was a tragedy. Not a single person in the crowd was happy that John was being sentenced to death. He died for a useless cause. I hope this helps get you started, at least.

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