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What pages in the FAR/AIM answer this question (see details)?

What weather (ceilings and visibility) determines VFR, MVFR, and IFR? Someone already asked this question and I read the answers, but where exactly is the information found in the FAR/AIM?

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    Part 91 Subpart B of the FAR's contains all of the basic operating rules including the regulatory weather minimums for IFR and VFR flight. MVFR has no regulatory meaning, so it is not found in Part 91. Visibility minimums are found in the Airspace (Ch.3) segment of the AIM. In addition, you will find the definition of MVFR in the Pilots Guide to Weather Services since areas of IFR, LIFR and MVFR are depicted on some weather charts. You will also find all these definitions in the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.

    Knowledge of where information can be found is a critical part of being able to pass the oral portion of any checkride. It appears that you have some studying to do.

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    When I was a kid and all I wanted to do was fly airplanes I asked my father, “why do the airlines require I have a college degree to fly planes?” There were no accredited aviation colleges (like Embry Riddle) at that time and except for USAFA (where I eventually went) everyone required some silly non-aviation related degree (like AE in my case).

    My father, in his wisdom which I did not appreciate at the time, said, “it’s to show the airlines that you know how to study.”

    You ask about a FAR question, I ask, “Do you know how to study?” No disrespect, but if you want a career in aviation you need to know how to “hit the books.” I know the internet is a two way sword. It provides so much information (via the FAA website) and also allows us to be lazy (ask on yahoo). Well to be a successful pilot we must examine the FAA.

    I’ll do the first step for you and give you the VFR mins. Here is the FAA website:


    Now you go and do the rest.

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    There's a lot of wisdom in the above comments. Frank Hardy is right on the money with his remarks. That's the best advice you could have been given, as is Zaphod's remark about knowing where to look things up. That requires studying.

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    Me too, and any other bizarre pages like - "we are quickly out of questions" or anything like that. It's been doping up randomly over the final hour for me. East Coast. Netscape.

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    Let's see, that's a question about operations, which is covered in Part 91... so, under Part 91 there's a part about instrument flight....

    Start reading.

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