Job interview please help me?

So I applied at macy and they emailed me for an interview I've never had a job before and I'm soooo nervous idk what kind of questions they are gonna ask me and I'm not good at talking at people please help

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    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview, smile, be positive and shake hands when introduced at the interview and at the end. It is important prior to going to an interview to view the main website of the company to find out i.e. how long in business, # of locations, types of products sold, why you love to shop at Macy's for what type of items, their credit card and benefits and community involvement. This info will help you respond to i.e. What do you know about Macy's or Why do you want to work for Macy's. Lastly dress at least semi professional i.e. black dress pant or skirt, long sleeve white blouse, black blazer, one piece of jewelry, etc. Below is an interview shared by a person who applied at Macy's.Good Luck!

    For more interviews at Macys' sign on to this website :

    Sales Associate at Macy's Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Columbus, OH – Reviewed Aug 4, 2012

    Interview Details –I went to Macy's for an interview yesterday and got hired right on the spot. I waited about 10 minutes (but ALWAYS be at least 10-15 mins early to any interview). The lady who interviewed me was very friendly. Always greet the interviewer and shake their hand before the interview and after. She sat me down and begin to explain that she was going to ask me a series of questions. I have never been in retail before but I came well-prepared for the questions. She asked me around 9 questions. The questions and my answers are as follows:

    1. Q: Why Macy's? A: It's a long-standing company with a good reputation. There's a lot of opportunities for upward mobility. Notes: That's all you need. She said that answer was great.

    2. Q: Explain to me how you would go about selling a Macy's Credit Card. A: Well, sometimes people are in a hurry when they are shopping, so I would be sure to tell them that it's a very quick process. They would get all of the discounts without having to present a coupon. It's very convenient to check the balance online whenever internet is available. Also, there is no need for a receipt when you return an item, no matter how long ago it was to purchase the item.

    Notes: She said this answer was fabulous and explained a little more about the credit card.

    3. Q: Tell me about a time when someone you worked with did something you knew was wrong, how you handled it, and what was the outcome? Notes: I explained to her a story about my previous job as a hostess at Texas Roadhouse. I told her that after we were finished with our shift we had to sweep the corral before we left to go home. One girl didn't sweep and I notified the manager so she wouldn't do that again. He told her that it wasn't right, and she's swept ever since. (The example doesn't have to be a great important story) 4. Q: Explain to me an example of when you were on a team, what was your role, and what was the outcome?

    Notes: I explained about my team I was a part of in BPA(Business Professionals of America). There were 4 of us and we had to present a Powerpoint Slideshow to 3 judges. If I didn't complete my part of the powerpoint then that would affect all of us. We ended up not passing State and going on to the next step, because our powerpoint speech didn't reach 15 minutes.

    5. Q: Were you ever working in an area that was always constantly changing? Notes: I said yes. Then proceeded to tell her about my previous job at Quiznos in a University. We were always getting new subs for the menu. We had to learn how to make every new sub. Also, I was the cashier there too. The student cards would change, and so would the sandwich prices.

    6. Q: Tell me how you would greet a customer and assist them. A: I would smile and be polite and ask them how they were doing. I would ask them what they were looking for and how I could be a help.

    7. Q: If someone came in needing a pair of jeans, what kind of questions would you ask them?

    A: I would ask them what kind of brand they were looking for, what style, what length (pants, capris, shorts).

    8. Q: How would you upscale the jeans into a bigger purchase? A: I would say, Oh you know you need a shirt for those jeans to tie it all-together (interviewer loved that answer). I would then proceed to show them some accessories and shoes to go along with it.

    9. Q: How would you celebrate a purchase?

    A: I would tell them to "have a nice day" or "see you tomorrow!". Also, comment on how great that outfit will look on them. Notes: Something to flatter them.

    After the questions were over, she asked me my availability and what department I was looking to work for. She found a spot in her own department and hired me right on the spot. She kept commented throughout the interview about how great my answers were.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor
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    Ask about prior jobs, references, and your quality of work. Then show you the ropes maybe tommorow when you get the job. Just be cool and confident. Good luck :D

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