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CHINA: 800-Million peasants living off $700/ years. What has china/chinese been doing the last 2000-years.?


800-Million peasants living off the farms, villages as peasants. There is No public -record of either an Industrial or Scientific Age.

Workers at Foxxconn/Apple Inc. Factory are making 25 cents to One dollar an hour...




Manufacturing News Magazine 2012:

News from China Manufacturing

Beijing China June 2012


Are 800 Million Chinese Peasants On The Threshold Of Opportunity Or Oblivion?


Social unrest in China is growing at a fast rate, but what it means for the political stability of the country is up for debate.

Last year, the Chinese reported 87,000 "mass incidents," of unrest, or about 240 per day. This is up from 58,000 incidents in 2003; 40,000 in 2000; 24,500 in 1998; and 8,700 1993. "This is not something [China's government is] dealing with occasionally, but on a constant daily basis," says Joshua Muldavin, professor of Asian studies at Sarah Lawrence College. But little is known about most of these events other than that they disrupt public order.

For Muldavin, who has lived in the Chinese countryside for years, these incidents cannot be ignored and portend a crisis extending far beyond China's borders, potentially impacting large portions of the globe, including the United States.

But Albert Keidel, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, does not agree. Instead, he sees the growing number of public incidents being the result of a society that is adjusting to the deregulation of its economy, the rise of markets in setting prices, the elimination of subsidies and a concurrent improvement in productivity.

"This in my mind as an economist is a healthy development because it is creating incentives and moving people in the direction of being productive and rewarding those attributes that are also productive," he told the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission recently. "Those that have an education are now finding that their education correlates with income. Those who are working hard find that that hard work rewards them including entrepreneurial activity." Millions of Chinese are now able to move to new jobs voluntarily, which is good in a dynamic, changing culture that is lifting people out of poverty.

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    Great question and great findings. Let me repeat below a question from a CCP propagandist about a similar subject which is full of lies, along with Lim Yuan's and my answers,

    CCP Propagandist asks :

    Under which Chinese premier's leadership was 500 million Chinese lifted out of poverty?

    My answer :

    Lim is brilliant and said it rightly, if CCP sets a poverty level at 10 Cents a day, the entire 1.4 Billion POOR Chinese people immediately lifted off poverty, LOL !!

    Who help China to come out from the devastated Mao's destruction?

    It's the outside FREE world, particularly Hong Kong and the West who are bold enough to invest inside the mafia state and to buy abundant of cheap, mass produced goods that are only made possible all at the expense of abusing the 1.4 billion poor Chinese slaves and demolishing all of China's natural resources causing serious pollutions etc. If taken all these factors into considerations, China's GDP is in fact below 0.

    Furthermore, China is currently fabricating a growing economy to the world which is so FAKE as the country is good in producing.

    China is printing her paper bills equivalent to 4 times China's entire annual GDP amount which means the country lacks the assets nor capitals to sustain the Yuan, once the bubble bursts, the Yuan will be worthless and the poor Chinese people will go back to Mao's poverty.

    Lim Yuan's answer :

    Under the leadership of Wen who said that poverty was set at a level of 1.0 dollars a day income which maybe fine to the most rural of ruralest areas of China, but not urban life in China, the vast majority of them earn that like in 1 hour so the grading system is cheating the real value of poverty in China as the cost of living varies from province to province.

    Wen could rise even more out of poverty by claiming that poverty line is 0.5 dollars a day.

    You should read this article in Chinese media about ubraites living at the self proclaimed one value fits all in China poverty level,…

    it totally dispels the logic that China's leadership determines its poverty level and that it should be on a grading system.

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    Its was a monarchy up until the early 1900's. Then by Autocrat up until 1940's, then by the communists to now. The first Emperor managed to control the 8 northern provinces but did little for the infrastructure. The autocrat, Chiang Kai Shek, tried and the communists put the whole country under communism. Well the best they did was to give every one some education. NO one really has united China as a nation, there are language barriers of different dialects, old war wounds and prejudice. China is so large that it seems to take its type of single system government to get things done. Look at what does not get done in the United States. The communists tried to make China a self sufficient country which mean feeding 1 billion chinese people. It's still working on it. That is why many of them are peasants because, the government does NOT reach out that far.Look on the map and you will see why. And the ONLY economic centers they are still allowing are Shanghai, Macau, and Hong Kong to operate under the capitalistic mode. The rest of the country is still subject to communist hard rule and inefficiencies.

    What you attached is completely correct, they have inefficiencies and low standards because of the communist rule.

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      your are 30 years behind.

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  • 紫杉
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    Last 2000 years?

    For 19 of the past 20 centuries the GDP per capita in Europe has been less than $500, let alone salaries, while China maintained a GDP per capita of around $700.

    China was the richest country in the world for 18 of the last 20 centuries, tt was until the British invasion in 1849 did China fall behind.

    And after 100 years of foreign invasions and colonization, they're quickly climbing back to where they were.

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  • 4 years ago

    The foremost reason why China, and lots of different nations are so terrible is given that america, canada, europe, japan, australia are robbing bad international locations across the world, and controlling the resources by force. To ensure that China or other third world countries to get to these resources, they have got to go by means of the first world nations, and considering the fact that the primary world nations dont want the third world nations to strengthen, they have got no other alternative but to stay poor. That is the predominant rationale why the USA, and other capitalists are in iraq, afganistan, and pakistan, to ensure they may be able to block useful resource routes. As for China's historical past, they was once a rich nation until the europeans landed. One can find the equal pattern across the world. You are going to see that many countries prospered until europeans arrived. That you would be able to say that europeans are parasites, on the grounds that whichever country they land in, they suck the existence out of them.

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    7 years ago

    If this report is valid, how come they discredit the Philippines when people earn more than a peasant chinese in china?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    1. Agricultural -revolution. 80% of all people lived in villages as peasants. land was for rich people land is for rich people

    Now in US, only about 1-2 percent of the people now farm. only one -percencent of the people farm.

    2. Industrial -Revolution : gas . airplanes. electric homes /electric cities. 1903 first flight to 1969 -moon landing of Apollo 11.

    Oil is for rich people . all nations that have oil will become rich.

    all farming is now mechanized. Tractors have replace the cow for farming.

    3. Information Age /Computer Age : now the most important commodity is now data and data in the cloud.


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