Possible battery leak inside Nikon F-501?

I recently was given my Grandad's old camera a Nikon F-501, and he was always one for looking after his things so there is no problem with anything on the camera, except because he has been sadly gone since 2001, I guess the camera has just sat since then.

I opened up the battery compartment and there were the old batteries still in there, around the end of one was a crust which I guess was where a battery had leaked and then been left to dry? My Nan wouldn't have at any point looked or opened the camera, I replaced the batteries after cleaning up the crust, but there is no life in the camera.

Would the battery leak probably have ruined the internals of the camera? I can't get any signal from it no matter what I try, I'm new to the photography world so I don't really know what to try, so any help would be appreciated.

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  • B.E.I.
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    8 years ago
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    When batteries leak they produce gas and acid which can corrode anything it comes in contact with. The best thing to do is send the camera into an authorized Nikon repair center to get a repair estimate (and also schedule a CLA...Cleaning/ Lubrication/Adjustments)

    I would suggest that you contact Nikon at 1-800-NIKON US (1-800-645-6687) 8AM-12AM EST, 7 days a week to see if they still repair the N2020/f-501. Another place I have heard good things about is http://www.precisioncamera.com/35mm-camera-repair....

  • Martin
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    8 years ago

    It is probably dead. There is no point in getting it fixed. A second hand working F501 body should cost less than £30 on ebay. Getting it fixed would cost much more.

    It is possible that the battery contacts have just eroded a bit and is not making enough contact. You might be able to clean the contacts with an emery board. It's certainly worth a try.

    If it is dead, forget the F501. If you really want to continue with film, get a second hand F75 or F80 body from ebay. That would be a much better camera and wouldn't cost much more.

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    The crusty stuff is dried electrolyte. And contacts are corroded.

    You can try the following product:


    I have not tried it, but I do know of it's existence. So I will not guarantee whether it will work or not. I am a bit skeptical about it working, but it won't hurt to try.

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