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So basically, on Friday I was notified that I needed to change my Facebook account into a Facebook page (I understand now why). So I made the page and all, however it really hasn't gone public. What I mean is that if you were to search the name of my page (many friends, family members, etc... have been trying to do) it simply does not come up. My first guess was to hit the "create page" prompt, however that just led me to create an entire new page. I now just believe maybe it will take some time for Facebook to get things together, which is completely understandable. Quick question (why I'm here): How long do you guys think?

PS: There might be a completely different answer, and if so, please spread your knowledge!

Thank You in Advance

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    8 years ago
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    Creating a page means creating a completely different page aka Fan Page. When you click on the 'create a page' option, it'll show you different categories & sub categories to choose from. Them you put you page details, save them & the page is created. Now, if you are done with all these, you will find a profile URL when you open your fan page. Copy that URL & open it to any other browser where you are not logged into Facebook, if the page shows, that means the page is created. The reason why your friends & family cannot find it yet may be because Facebook is updating slow.

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    6 years ago

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