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What are the basic essentials of getting a rat?

I have wanted a rat for a while, so I want to know what I should get for one. I already have a cage that my turtle is using (and I'm going to put him back in his pond where he was born.)

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    the main thing is, you absolutely can't get just one rat.

    rats are highly social animals that need to be kept either in same sex pairs or groups.

    keeping a rat alone is cruel and inhumane, and results in a wide range of health, behavioural and psychological problems.

    no amount of human interaction can substitute for another rat for company.

    it would be VERY SELFISH to ignore this fact, and get one rat. you'd only do that if you hate your pet and want it to be miserable, unhealthy and die young.

    I don't know if your cage will be suitable. don't turtles need tanks?

    rats absolutely can't be kept in tanks. rats need a large, multi level cage with bars. the MINIMUM size for a rat cage is four cubic feet, but bigger is better. rats NEED good ventilation because they have very sensitive respiratory systems. tanks make them very ill, and aren't good to make interesting for the rats. rats also need to climb.

    you must never keep rats on pine or cedar shavings or sawdust. softwood releases phenols, which are corrosive to the respiratory tract. this leads to scarring, and greater susceptibility to infections.

    most rats find carefresh too dusty.

    personally I really like a paper pellet based cat litter for my rats.

    rats are easily litter trained, so that makes this easier.

    rats need a minimum of one hour out of the cage each day. this can't be in an excercise ball. they have poor ventilation, and rats find them distressing and disorientating. they need to free range, so they can explore and interact with the people and things around them.

    if you choose to provide a wheel in their cage it must have no gaps to trap paws or tails, and be 12 inches across or larger. even then, most rats don't enjoy wheels.

    rats need access to a good small animal vet, and it's very sensible to save money aside each week or month just in case they get sick. because if they do, you can't put it off until payday, or your day off or next week. you have to take them straight in at the next appointment. they can go downhill very quickly.

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    Hi.for your rat you will need a cage that is big enough for the rat to run around and play in,regular rat food,a water bottle bedding for the bottom of the rats cage,a food bowl,and toys.I think that you should also buy a book about rats from the pet store or research them a little more before you buy one!

    good luck

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    Basic requirements include:

    -Housing with good ventilation, I recommend a standard wire cage with a solid floor, not the turtle cage you have, aquarium can increase risk for respiratory diseases

    -Litter and bedding, cedar and pine are not recommended as it can increase the risk for respiratory diseases

    -Food (lab blocks, commercial food with fresh fruits and vegetables) along with sturdy dish, you'll also want treats, don't get chewy or sticky foods

    -Freshwater with ball-valve bottle

    -Toys for entertainment

    -Make sure to set aside money for regular vet visits

    -Get more than one rat as they are very social, same-sex groups

    -Get your rats from a reliable source, analyze conditions of area when you arrive

    -Check for any signs of illness when you arrive

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    Decent size cage, bedding, water bottle, food, things to chew on, if you want to spoil it you can give it a little house to sleep in, some toys (i use the little plastic jingle balls that are meant for cats) hammocks to sleep in. Rats usually do best in pairs too

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    Just regular shiit

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