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Diana asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 7 years ago

Do you think this would happen if abortion was outlawed around the world?

Well my friend had a good point. She said that if abortion was outlawed, since the world is already over populated, and since we have a limited number of resources. Eventually we will be killing other people for resources, and an apocalypse will occur, and the world itself will be disrupted. Do you think she has a good point? why or why not?

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    7 years ago
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    Possibly, but you should show her this:

    Outlawing abortion will not reduce it. It will only punish women who want abortions by forcing them to risk their lives. The pro-life movement as a whole generally opposes things like comprehensive sex education and making birth control available to teenagers. Opposing birth control, as the pro-life crowd does, is the way to drive abortion rates up. If your goal is to punish women, overturning Roe v Wade is your best course.

    But if your goal is to reduce abortion, you have to take a different course.

    We know that the areas that push contraception and make it widely available have lower abortion rates, and those that have less contraceptive use have higher abortion rates. So the way to reduce abortion is to increase contraception and it’s the Democratic Party that pushes for that.

    Obama has already done more to reduce the number of abortions than any other president ever has or ever will. Obamacare stands to cut abortion rates by 75%. That access would, to use the rhetoric of the pro-life movement, prevent the murders of 900,000 unborn babies every year.

    Further, three-quarters of the women who have abortions cite finances as the reason. Yet those who are “pro-life” are adamant in their opposition to mandated paid maternity leave, subsidized childcare, and universal health insurance for pregnant women and for children. They say welfare, food stamps, Medicare and Head Start need to be eliminated.

    The reality is that so-called pro-life movement is not about saving babies. It’s about regulating sex. That’s why they oppose birth control. That’s why they want to ban abortion even though doing so will simply drive women to have dangerous back alley abortions. That’s why they want to penalize women who take public assistance and then dare to have sex, leaving an exemption for those who become pregnant from rape. It’s not about babies. If it were about babies, they would be making access to birth control widespread and free and creating a comprehensive social safety net so that no woman finds herself with a pregnancy she can’t afford. They would be raising money for research on why half of all zygotes fail to implant and working to prevent miscarriages. It’s not about babies. It’s about controlling women. It’s about making sure they have consequences for having unapproved sex.

    If you are one who has been a part of the pro-life movement because you really do believe in “saving unborn babies,” it’s time to cut your ties with the movement. You may be an honest and kind-hearted person, but you’ve been had. You’ve been taken in. It’s time to let go. It’s time to support Obamacare’s birth control mandate, it’s time to call off opposition to birth control, and it’s time to get behind progressive programs that help provide for poor women and their children. It’s time to make your actions consistent with your motives.

    A very well thought out must- read if you want to reduce abortion

    How I Lost Faith in the “pro-life” Movement (by someone who is still pro-life)



  • 3 years ago

    Neutral, there are consistently exceptions for instance, if I got pregnant i would must get an abortion seeing that my "organs" have problems and if I obtained pregnant, i would not know so i'd just goabout taking my drugs and beginning control until I get apparent signs, I customarily pass intervals so it is going to be in more than a months time, and if i'm going about this too long i will have a deadly miscarriage. So some circumstances it can be secure that means. But I consider is the little one is unwanted put them up for adoption. But abortion would not damage this over populated society and it's frowned down upon by means of alot of persons so it is not like several of man type will be aborted off the earth lol nevertheless it prevents ladies from having a child and pregnacy if it is going to get in the way of their tradition and offer you streach marks, like me for an example, i am 19 and going to institution in the fall to emerge as a surgeon and my lifestyles revolves round me on this stage, i do not believe humans my age should worry about raising a household, they will have to simply center of attention on themselves. However the aborted fetuses do go to a excellent motive as stem cell study. But it will be on the moral sense afterward about what they have performed and what if they might've had it, it must be commencing the 2nd grade by using this time.. But I do help the notion of the clinics. If the women doesn't need to have a child they might throw themselves down the stairs anyhow or use a detailed hanger D: so it's excellent left to the gurus to keep the women for hurting or even killing themselves.

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    That claim is a worst case scenario for many reasons. Number one, not that many babies are aborted, only 50 million babies have been aborted since 1973. Now that seems like a lot, but if we had 50 million more babies in the United States, it wouldn't really make a huge difference in the population. Number two, abortion would be made illegal because it is seen as murder. How would murder and looting come from a single law, which was intended to prevent murder?

    If anything, if abortion is made illegal, we'd have a lot more babies, but the world would not topple, there would be just a lot more at home or illegal abortions.

  • 7 years ago

    Overpopulation is a lie the pro abortionist use to justify killing their own children because they are too lazy, selfish and irresponsible to support and care for the child they CHOSE to make

    If you take all the people in the world they could live in the state of Texas. And the living space per person would equal Paris France. That would leave the entire rest of the world for growing food and industry. Plus new growing methods allow us to grow more food per acre. In Iowa the can produce over 300 bushels of corn per acre now. Does this sound like the apocalypse you talk about? Don't believe the lies. Overpopulation is not coming and we need to respect the sanctity of Life

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    She has a point, but not to the extreme.

    Countries that have huge disruptive populations (think India and the Middle East) do not practice abortion, so the only countries that would be affected would be the Western and Asian nations. Which would probably lead to colonialism - lots of smart, educated people taking the scarce resources from tribal backwards types.

    So basically the 1850s-1920s.

  • What about birth control? You do know the anti-abortionistas want that stopped too. Conservative Christians have been conned into serving Mammon by the money changer Republicans. The Republicans have no intention of ever outlawing abortion. By promising to, like Bush did, they will keep conning the poor Christians out of their votes.

  • Leo
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    7 years ago

    Just look back to the days when abortion was illegal - back street abortion clinics where women would undergo unhygienic surgery performed by amateurs.

    Personally, I don't think a civilised society should go back to the days when women were forced to overdose on alcohol, use coat hangers or risk death to abort an unwanted child.

    I'm amazed that the electorate is willing to take the opinion of a preacher or politician above the opinion of a medical expert.

  • 7 years ago

    Yeah, because females are such whores and sluts that they can't keep their legs together like they did in the old days in order to prevent themselves from getting pregnant. Too bad self restraint is off the table as a way to prevent overpopulation.

    edit: I like the way people talk about back alley abortions and coat hangers, as if those methods were utilized to a great extent. Those were as rare as the hanging of witches and the owning of slaves, but all three seem to be blown all out of proportion when being referred to.

    And that your friend seems to think so many females would have unwanted pregnancies and you are on the fence about it only confirms that people think women these days can't and won't practice restraint.

  • 7 years ago

    We are already killing people for resources.

    We've been killing people for resources for awhile now.

    Water and land especially.

    Various resources as well.

    Oil especially as of now.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No, because the sanctity of life will be protected by ending abortion. That's all that matters. If there is an apocalypse, then we deserve it for the holocaust against the unborn. FACT.

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