Am I developing an eating disorder or do I already have one?

On weekdays I eat


Lunch=a few sips of grape juice

After school=crystal light and gum


On weekends I usually eat the same.

I went to the store with my dad and he got angry that I wasn't eating breakfast do he made me get cereal. I got Krave and ate it all in 2 days. I've now been eating more and feel fat. I finally dropped to 121lbs (5"1)! I feel fat now though. At school once I tried to purge because I ate pizza and on an overnight field trip I tried to purge because I ate too much.

My mom told me if Im not eating then i need to take vitamins so I do.

I work out

I have a personal trainer

It all started with tumblr and a stupid thing that led to thinspiration (pics of young and skinny woman that make you want to lose weight) I already had low self esteem and I started to eat less. I'm doing good today (cereal, rice cakes, 2 eggs, tortilla bowl, grape juice, and dots.) but it's still a lot.

I'm only 13.

What's going on?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Im thirteen too. I went through this and its soooo not worth it. I got super sick and you can almost die. SOon you'll start feeling faint. If you get sick you'll stay sick for a looong time. Please feel free to contact me or anything, but yeah. Its not worth it. Im 102 just becuase of a disease, but it natural to think your fat, becuase at this age ur hips get bigger and thats a part of puberty. You may think its fat but its mainly just water weight. Take it from me, you see yourself as fat even if you stick thin, and being stick thing ISNT ATTRACTIVE. Its very unattractive and dangerous.

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