My friend told my crush/friend I like her?

1 month ago this freshman in school called me cute & sexy and then her friend said "she wants you" in front of her. I was shy so I said thank you, she backed off and stopped saying it. But within the past 4 weeks I've stopped being shy and coming around her more and talking to her. I like her too so I told one of my best friend who she knows to tell her I like her at lunch, he told her "I really liked her" and he says when he told her she froze for a while and said O my god 3 times in a row with her hands to her chest, she then asked my friend if he was lying and he said no of course and after she snapped out of it she said I was "cute" and "adorable." and she thought I only liked her as a friend. The bell rang for lunch over and they walked and continued talking and I was up ahaid walking in front of them my friend pointed me out to her and she said "OMG their he is" and told him to slow down to avoid catching up to me. She told my friend not to tell me that he had told her I liked her. 2 hours passed until school ended and she walked up to me with my friends and told me she heard a "rumor" about me but she wouldn't say what it was when I asked what and who told her. She left to talk to another group of friends and told me once again she heard a "rumor" about me and my friends butted in and said I already knew what it was and she left to talk to another group of friends then her mom picked her up so she never came back to talk to me. Do you think she likes me? What should I say next time I see her? She's very outgoing with guys and greets them with hugs.

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  • 8 years ago

    put your Mack on and say she is pretty and if you want to hang out? but of course she likes you if she said your were cute and she said omg 3 times get your Mack in the game!

  • 8 years ago

    um well i think u should man up and ask her out you know girls don't really like it when you have your friend do it and she seems to really be into u


    Source(s): me i am a girl
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