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im 14 and i got track question?

i just started a high protein and weight training diet but im not sure if this is good for track. Is this gonna make me gain weight and slow me down or gain muscle and make me faster? im a middle distance (400, 800) runner

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    A freshman middle distance runner should not need to worry about building muscles. You will need to worry about your aerobic endurance. Ask your coach to train with the long distance runners for a week, and then the sprinters for a week. The muscles will come with practice but if you are really that worried about it, stick to a post-practice protein bar (20g-30g). The 400 and 800 are hard races, so don't get discouraged. As long as you don't go crazy on the protein bars, you should not expect to gain weight. Good Luck!

    Source(s): I run middle distance and I know how awful the 400 is.
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    Yeah weight training isnt really going to help that much, focus more on running training. And iron intake is really important..almost all distance runners have low iron which leads to injuries and bad performance

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