Can I exchange my iPod Touch?

The screen for my iPod Touch 4th generation has just broke and I know Apple doesn't replace screens, so I've decided to get an iPod 5. Would it be cheaper to try to exchange my iPod 4 + cash for an iPod 5 or to just keep the iPod 4 and get the iPod 5. Can I exchange my iPod 4 and money for an iPod 5 if I go to an Apple store? Would they let me resotre my new iPod from my old one if I could exchange them? Which is cheaper?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have a 64 gb 4th gen ipod touch that was $400. Its in perfect condition. I found out from Apple that what theyll give me for it is a lousy 10 off the price of a new apple product. But I dont know maybe that applies to broken items too.

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