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Do I have everything I need for a new pup?

Hi! So I am adopting a 4 month old puppy! She is 10 pounds currently and will weigh about 20 full grown I believe. She is coming in just a week I am so excited! Here is what I have so far.

Water bowl

Food bowl



5 toys

1 bed

1 blanket

poopy pick up & poopy bags


dog food




sweater (I couldn't resist)

Do I have everything? I want to make sure I am fully prepared!

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    One thing! Please be sure you did NOT buy any of the below as a dog food. This dog foods are very bad can cause cancer to other major sickness.

    Abady Dog Food

    Alpo Dog Food

    Beneful Dog Food

    Bil Jac Dog Food

    Diamond Dog Food (Plain, Regular Formula)

    Good Life Recipe

    Iams Dog Food

    Kasco Dog Food

    Kibbles 'n Bits Dog Food

    Ol' Roy Dog Food

    Pedigree Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

    Purina One Dog Food

    Science Diet Dog Food

    Tuffy's Dog Food

    Here is a link to the best 5 star healthy puppy dry food (anything of this brands is okay to use for adults also just by the ones that say Adult in it :D )


    Here is a page to Homemade Dog treats that are very good to spoil your dog in Special days or when you feel like it.


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    Definately a crate for helping with toilet training,

    Definately book in for puppy socialisation classes followed by basic obedience classes.

    Get the puppy registered with a vet straight away and microchip her.

    Also need an I.D. tag done straight away.

    If you have a car, you need some way for the dog to travel safely - dog guard or crate or harness that clips to the seatbelt or similar.

    Toothbrush - if you plan on cleaning her teeth start straight away so it is never a problem.

    Find out when the pup needs worming next, and what type was last used - your vet will advise you too.

    Take lots of photos - not puppys for long so make the most of it!

    Books to give you ideas for solving common puppy problems!

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    Hi I have just got a puppy about 3 weeks ago, and my advice is, get a small thin bone he can chew, because he will chew your sofa otherwise, its better for there teeth than a chew toy, especilly as he should be teething right now, also get a tray and news paper, otherwise he will pee and poo on the floor, and I'd get him a harnes, don't just put the lead on his collar, as puppys are stubourn at walking on a lead, and after a while it could really damage his neck, pulling him aroun, hope that helped.

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    You will also need a dog crate to use when you are house breaking her or training her :) And also nail clippers for her. More than likely flea medication. Make sure all her shots and vaccinations are up to date. I think that's it but if I think of anything else I will be sure to inform you! Congratulations on your new puppy! I hope all goes well!

    Source(s): Currently ow 5 dogs :)
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  • yes! make sure the bowls and toys are bpa free :) have fun!

    you're lucky, i don't get a pet if any kind except for a fish for at least 7 years.

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    If she isn't house-trained, you might want to get a crate - they help a lot with house training.

    Other than that, you sound prepared!

    Good luck with your puppy! (:

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    I would look into doggy training classes.

    (Not petsmart!) look up local dog training classes in your area

    Also avoid at all costs puppy pee pads!! By the time they learn to piss in the house, they could've been house broken

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    Yes!!!(: <3 Good Luck!

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    I think that you have everything you need! Give it lots of love and play with it often. C:

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