Accounting vs Nursing?

Hi, I'm in my senior year of high school and I've been thinking of what major to take. Accounting and nursing are my top two options. I've heard that they're both easy to find a job when you're done with college.

I'm good with numbers and math so i feel like accounting would be my best option. But, I've been reading that is very boring and has long work hours. So, I don't want to hate my job in 20 years because I don't feel happy when I go to work every morning. Another reason why I picked accounting is because I'm a little bit shy so i feel like being in a office would be good for me, but not to the point where i'm in it all day by myself.

Nursing is my second option because I would like helping people and because its a real hands on job that wouldn't have me in a office all day. I also feel like it would help me with my shyness.

I know both majors require a lot of studying and a good pay after college. But I just want to know people that are in both jobs and how they feel with it and any advice.


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  • Rachel
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    8 years ago
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    FIrst of all, you are right about both being fairly stable jobs with a good salary.

    I'd strongly consider nursing over accounting. I'm an RN, and my husband was an accounting major. He eventually dropped out of the program and instead started his own business.

    Accounting really isn't about numbers per say. In other words, you don't have to be good at math really. Most of what you do is add, subtraction, and just recording entries. However, you could always get a job doing something else, and an accounting degree is good for business in general.

    In contrast, nursing is also a great career. You'd probably earn more with a nursing degree, but it depends where you live. There are a lot of specialties. It is definitely hands on for most jobs (unless you move up to managment).

    In either case, I'd research them both thoroughly. Accounting degrees are good for general business positions such as managers and so forth. Nursing degrees are great for anything in health.

    Or you could do both, and see which one you like. Perhaps you should audit a course for both at your university and see what each program is like.

    Lastly, if you do decide to become a nurse, the site below has some good information to help you pass nursing school. It also has salary data for each state and so forth.

    Best of luck,

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