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I've been having breathing problems?

For the past 4 months or so I have been having problems breathing. Its not that I cant breath but that when I take a breath it doesn't seem to satisfy. I used to get panic attacks on occasion so that's what I chalked this up to at first, but the problem doesn't seem to go away. I have been to the doctors many times to see whats going on, but with all the x-rays and blood tests they haven't found anything that could be affecting my breathing. I have always been able to control my panic attacks but now when I have an episode of the breathing issue it makes me panic more ( because not breathing is a bit scary). I have been put on an inhaler that has done no good. Now for the next symptom... My heart has been racing for the past few days. When I use my blood pressure monitor its reads about 94 for my heart rate. I'm not sure what is normal but I think it may be a bit fast. I wouldn't say I'm stressed out but I did just get back from a trip that I flew on a plane for. I am horrified of flying, but now being 4 days since my flight I don't know why I would still feel this way. I'm just lost on what to do now and afraid of this getting any worse.

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    I think you're Scopes

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    the concern would nicely be that, u dnt evidently like the church, or that there is sth undesirable u did to or contained in the church, that makes u no longer cormfortable contained in the church. it would nicely be that there is sth that someone instructed u about the church, or that there sth undesirable someone like a clergyman or a pastor had performed to u, that makes u uncormfortable abt the church. verify urself and comprehend what happend, then attempt to sparkling up and conquer it.

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