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Do kisses cuddles hugs etc.die out?

My husband used to be very affectionate in the first two months of our relationship. After that it slowly began to fizzle. He said after he "trapped me".,he felt all the cheesy love crap isn't necessary anymore. And that by being with me should be enough. I used to try to hug and kiss him,I don't any more because he wouldn't respond. Although, at night when we are asleep (i'm a light sleeper) I feel him pull me close and kiss me on the lips,cheek, shoulder and he hugs me. I do tell him it makes me feel horrible he can't hug me or we can't hold hands, I grew up watching my parents be very affectionate. He says anybody who does is gay or stupid. i've never once seen his parents show any affection at all? Are there any marriages out there like this? Or he does he not love me any more?


To add, sex is not issue. I have never denied him of it.and I must say we are both satisfied

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    You ask if affection dies out... It's a broad question, and depends on the person.

    In YOUR case, well, yes - he's already told you he thinks affection is "gay". That it's "stupid".

    Interesting though that he's so huggy in his sleep.. He obviously feels he needs to put on a front during the day, for some reason. My now-ex was the same.

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    My husband isn't as affectionate as he use to be, but we've been together for 12 years. I'm very affectionate with him though. I figure he can't say it's not because I stopped putting in the effort. I think men start taking the relationship for granted, which is sad. I feel like I should be treated the same, if not better than I did when we first got together.

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    I cant imagine not having the affection of my husband & truly sympathize with you.

    There are a lot of couples who are not affectionate but it doesnt mean that they dont love one another. Its not unusual for him to be that way since his parents are not affectionate toward one another but theres no excuse for him to behave that way since he wasnt like that before marriage. Hopefully telling him him that you need the affection to feel close & loved by him will make him change.

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    do not issue, kiddo, it is common. Take it uncomplicated, however, issues frequently lead from one situation to a various and whether you the two have self belief in no intercourse in the previous marriage, now and returned the discretion has a tendency to pass out the window while hormones are in touch.

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    There you go. you married a guy who was only affectionate to you during your first two months of dating. Plus you didn't see his parents being affectionate. yet, you married this unaffectionate guy anyway and now you;re trying to blame him????? You're to blame honey. you picked him knowing he was bad.

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    Yes, they die out because of, Not tonight, I'm too tired, Don't paw me, Quit Pestering me, and dozens of other comments. Eventually the man gets tired of being rejected and led to believe he is not desirable and quits trying.

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