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Can I do this or not?

Last friday I hurt my tailbone a little bit in a spinning class. It wasn't injured or bruised...I guess just sore. I've given myself 3 days to rest (no cycling, just other low impact activities...) and it no longer hurts as much as it did before. Like, when I sit on a chair, I no longer feel any pain. I only feel a little TINY bit of pain if I sit very straight. My question is...can I take another spinning class tomorrow or is 3 days not enough to recover? I'm scared because I love cycling and I don't want the pain to come back :(

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    do it

  • John M
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    8 years ago

    Get cycling shorts it will help a lot. Correct saddle adjustment is a must you should not hurt your tail bone. It takes time to get use to the saddle so keep riding.


    Are you sure it's your tail bone ? Most people get pain in their sit bones on the hip.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I cant imagine that you have done any permenant damage, but wear padded shorts.

    If youre still unsure then call NHS direct on:

    O845 4647 they'll give good advice and put your mind at ease

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    nothing is impossible

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