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How do I make my boyfriend trust me again?

My boyfriend and I broke up after a fight, so I started to flirt with 2 guys on Facebook because i was angry and lonely.I never meet up with either guy or anything we just talked. Then my boyfriend and I got together again, I told him that I did talk to a guy over Facebook. He got really upset and said he didn't trust me so I gave him my Facebook password so he Could check that message. But before I did, I deleted messages with guys i was flirting with so he wouldn't get mad, but he ended up looking up my history and got super mad when he saw one Of the messages. We're still together but he doesn't trust me and always brings up the subject and calls me a liar and always asks me what guy Am i flirting with now even though I'm not flirting with any guy.I need to know how to make him trust me again! Please help!

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    Why doesn't he trust you? You did NOTHING wrong because the two of you were not together when you were talking to the other guys. If he continues to make a deal over it then you need to get rid of him because he is NEVER going to trust you again even though again you did nothing wrong. He has issues and is either controlling or he did the same thing to you. Change your password, stop allowing him on your Facebook and move on with your life. You can NOT make him trust you when you have done nothing wrong.

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    You might not be able to. Trust issues are often based in self doubt and insecurities. He might just work through that on his own. I am sure you already explained that in your mind you two were broke up.

    If a guy is gonna be demanding your PW then he has a control issue. It is better you end it now than later. Being derogatory, calling you a liar, demanding where you have been, where you're going. Acting that way toward you is the first stage to abuse.

    You need to take control now. Flat tell him you are sorry, you will be honest with him, you expect the same from him. But he is not to be derogatory toward you in ANYWAY. He is to be loving and respectful. And you will show him the same respect. You will not be reporting in every 1/2 hour on your whereabouts. (use a little intuition here and now and then do text say "Hey I seen this cute ___ at the mall just now!") Otherwise, Move on. sorry

    good luck

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    I guess that you were just trying to get revenge. Sometimes anyone can lose his or her control. It is very common, although it is not very good to do. Anyways, I think it is not cheating because you flirted with other guys after breaking up with him. Sounds like he has some issues of his own that he needs to work out immediately. You should insist that he should not have broken up with you if he felt jealous. You should not break up because of your feelings at the moment.

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    You burned your bridges by flirting with those guys...

    Sorry.but it happens.

    Just move on and find someone new.

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