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When was the last time an interim coach became a head coach in the NFL and was successful?

It seems whenever a team hires the interim coach to become head coach it doesn't work out(Singletary, Cable, possibly Crennel, etc).

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    It's not supposed to work out.

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    He became damn stable. yet i think of user-friendly understanding is that Lombardi became the suited, and that i actually agree. Walsh wasn't merely an strategies-blowing coach, yet he became an strategies-blowing GM. in actuality, i might argue that he became a miles better GM than coach. i think of Joe Gibbs did what he did with a good distance much less skills. yet Lombardi became a grasp of having the main out of his men. And the ingredient is, he became nicely on his thank you to creating the Redskins turn around earlier his wellbeing failed. some Skins followers nevertheless credit him with turning the franchise around. He became the lead-in to George Allen. To me the suited became in all probability Lombardi with Gibbs, Shula, Walsh, Parcells, Landry, Brown, Belichick, et al on the subsequent rung down.

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