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Romney claims it is immoral to borrow money for disaster relief . How about 2 trillion more for the military?


@ Phillip H : Romney most definitely DID say that when asked about FEMA in the primary debates .

Update 2:

@ tom cooper : When a disaster hit Massachusetts then governor Romney withheld state emergency surplus dollars UNTIL he found out how much Federal money he could get .

I repeat : WITHHELD STATE SURPLUS DOLLARS from help to Massachusetts residents .

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    He is an effing liar and will say anything to get elected - In a June 13, 2011 GOP primary debate, Romney suggested that states should assume a more significant role in disaster relief. The debate took place soon after a tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri and other communities, and moderator John King of CNN asked Romney whether states should take on a greater role in paying to repair and rebuild.

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    Would be fine if they kept the military here or put it on our southern border. Domestic soldiers equal domestic jobs and domestic spending. Overseas a soldier has a hard time even using their college benefits to get an education.

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    But I bet Rmoney would be the first in line with his hand out if he were still governor of Massachusetts.

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    He says disaster relief should come from the states. And all those disaster relief specialists should be fired and we should let the already underfunded states take care of their own disaster relief. DUH!!!

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    There's your proof. Sorry if you only watch Sean Hannity and Rush.

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    Romney never said that.

    Show me the proof!

    You made that up.


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