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What would be the best way to ask a girl for a dance?

Lets say you are at a wedding and you like this girl (to whom you are not related to of course), what would be the best way to ask her to a dance? Here are some classic ways i came up with:

1. Have a little kid give her a note that says "Would you like to dance? :)" (saw it in the Wedding Crashers movie, ironic ik haha)

2. Walk up to her, hold your hand out and ask her for a dance

3. Your own suggestion

BQ: If she says she is not good at dancing, what would be the best thing to tell her:

1. Its ok i can't dance either

2. Its ok ill teach you

3. So what, we will learn as we go

(i prefer 3, because it kind of levels things up and you would have more fun learning to dance together)

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    2 & 3

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  • Terry
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    You seem to have answered your own question. Does this girl have four legs, two eyes, webbed feet , big blubber lips, is she from out space, Come on young man, she just a girl she wont shot you or bite you , She can only say NO. If she does you walk away , No big deal it's not the end of the world.

    Source(s): Father of five grown up children
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    Just ask her to dance with you. It's simple. You're just overthinking it. If you can't dance say 1. if you can say 2. and 3. sounds snobby!

    Source(s): School dances
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