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I don't feel like I have any friends?

I lost one of my friends due to annoying her so she said bye bye and I really don't expect her to forgive even though I never did anything really bad . Anyways since then I don't have any close friends yeah I have tons of friends but no one that wants to hangout with me or text me. I feel like I'm completely on the outside my friend lets call her Carla has gotten sour on me last year she would always talk to me in a very good mood this year meh. Like i ask her what's wrong but she said nothing tired every time and so I asked another friend lets call her Veronica if Carla is like that around her and Veronica said no she was really energetic on the bus. And another friend I texted her if she had someone's phone number but still no response I looked on social networking sites and she's busy on there! I FEEL LIKE A COMPLETE LOSER JUST BECAUSE I LOST ONE FRIEND I AM WAITING FOR FORGIVENESS THAT PROBABLY WON'T HAPPEN:'( IM PATHETIC I AM I a stupid person I don't think anyone would care if I just dissapeared.

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    first of all, YOU ARE NOT A LOSER. i've lost a friend before when i didn't do anything wrong and i completely know how you feel. what i did was find friends that could make me laugh, and worked my way into their group. if you are trying to be friends with someone and they give you signs that you are annoying them, then just find someone else to be your friend because they are really the jerk and are too shallow to think about anything but what people think of them. just go out there and make some friends! you can do it!

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