Help! I really like someone I'm not attracted to!!!?

A few months ago one of my friends introduced me to one of his friends call Matt. We instantly clicked, we get along sooo well, we have the same sense of humour and have soooo much in common! We've become great friends, but then I realised I've been thinking about him all the time, whenever we're not hanging out I really want to be. We have such fun together, just talking and messing about and stuff. I drunkenly kissed him a couple of weeks ago, and it was really nice. The whole problem is...I'm not attracted to him at all!! I sort of want to be with him but can you be with someone you're not attracted to? I can't imagine having sex with him, I never thought of myself to be a shallow person. I feel so guilty for thinking this. But in a friend way...I really love him! But it feels like more, I think about him al the time. I'm SO confused.

(We're both 20 by the way)

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    8 years ago
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    Just bc ur not sexually attracted to him doesn't mean u don't want to be with him. Think about like 12 and 13 yr olds do they rlly want to have sex with their "bf/gf"?

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