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Making your self throw up mess with your period?

I've had this problem before we're I make myself throw up and it made my period very strange but I stopped for a few months and now started again and I keep getting this brown discharge could me making myself throw up cause this I've been getting this for about a week now how could making yourself throw up affect your period too?

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    brown discharge is just old/dried blood

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    If you make yourself throw up, you are probably not getting the nutrients you need. If you are extremely underweight that could make you stop getting your period, because it is the body's natural defense mechanism. Because if you don't have enough on your bones, how would you be able to give enough nutrients to a baby growing inside of you if you were to become pregnant. So the period stopping is the body's natural response to being underweight.

    P.S. If you are currently sexually active, make sure you continue to use protection though, because you could become fertile again and not know until until weeks later when you get your period again.

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