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what happens to all the fruit and vegetable that company's can't take.?

Like Walmart or Costco what happens with the fruit that they can not take due to the size or anything that is wrong with it? Is there anyway you can buy it for dirt cheap i am asking this question because i run a couple of fruit stands and i want to know a good way to make more money if any one can help that would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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    Any fruit that is found defective gets thrown in the garbage or given to charity. If it has not been put out on their shelves it will be probably be returned to the seller. If you want cheap fruit you go to the nearest wholesale produce market (like LA) and look for something you can use at a reasonable price. The other possibility is to dicker directly with a grower.

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    Any fruit that wal mart, costco, albertsons, etc, throw out or reject will NOT be sellable to any one other than a pig farmer.

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