Are we getting closer to a (Fusion energy revolution)?

If so,what is the most accurate time table for this to happen?

Will it spell the extinction of (energy crisis) around the world?

Is there any website where i can get up to date news in this regard?

thank you :)

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  • John W
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    8 years ago
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    You have to remember that it takes the gravitational pressure of a mass 80 times greater than Jupiter to sustain fusion in a star. We can only momentarily create such pressures which is why a fusion bomb was easy to make but a fusion reactor difficult. We have yet to achieve break even with a fusion reactor and it's not clear that it can be done without an explosion. But the intent of clean nuclear power does not require fusion, it can be done with Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors ( LFTR ).

    We already have the technology to solve the energy crisis but it breaks the profit model for the nuclear reactor business. A liquid Thorium salt reactor only needs hunks of Thorium not specially designed fuel rods which can only be purchased from the manufacturers. The fuel rods are the inkjet cartridges of the nuclear industry. Fusion promises to have specially designed deuteurium and helium 3 pellets which again would only be available from the manufacturers.

  • kinlen
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    4 years ago

    while a action picture star continues to be a cloud of gas and dirt, gravity starts off to reason remember to acquire rotate because it spirals right into a proper factor the difficulty heats up from friction until eventually it reaches a severe temperature and fusion is initiated interior the centre of the cloud, expelling huge quantities of outer layers of gas and dirt and forming the sparkling ball of plasma you notice interior the night sky. adequate potential is created from one fusion of hydrogen atoms to start the fusion of alternative atoms, arising a sequence reaction as in combustion, the gasoline will proceed to "combust" (not technically combustion in a sunlight even though it particularly is a clever analogy) devoid of the enter of potential because it particularly is a sequence reaction interior the supergiant degree, hydrogen not fuses interior the middle, yet fairly heavier components which comprise helium and carbon. those fusions take place swifter and convey much less potential that hydrogen fusion, nevertheless permitting a sequence reaction yet producing a miles better, cooler action picture star. a action picture star dies while its mass isn't great adequate to offer adequate potential to maintain the chain reaction going

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