I have a family that doesn't let me go out?

im 16 year old boy/short /skinny. I live with my parents and older brother. My mom will let me go out, with friends as long as i come back home at a reasonable time. If my mom is home with my brother or dad, they will never allow me to go out. My dad doesn't like me going out ANYWHERE, not even down the street and the same with my brother, they think its to dangerous. My brother is in his 20 and never had a gf/ he never goes out/ and is a bit weird, so cause he was so anti social i have to be. He doesn't thinks its to dangerous to let me go out, so i cant. My dad thinks the same way, but i don't hang around bad people, all my friends are nice people. All i do at home is play games, and exercise and its sooo boring. I used to get invited to social things all the time but now its hardly ever, its so frustrating that i cant go out. What can i do/say to convince my dad and brother to let me out. any help will be greatly appreciated

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  • Jen
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    8 years ago
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    I generally use reverse psychology. Make them think that you never want to leave the house. Stay inside even when they ask you to go out. If they ask you why you don't want to go out, say you're scared of what will happen to you.

    Basically act like an agoraphobe.

    If there's one thing that parents are more concerned about than your physical safety, it's your mental health.

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