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I don't want to die someday :( ?

I'm 15 and I'm terrified of death to the point of anxiety attacks and depression :/

I cannot get this fear out of my mind and I'm unable to shake it away.

I have no joy in my life and I don't want to do whything if I'm just gonna die one day anyway.

I'm athiest and connot believe in any religion as I think its all BS. So no religious answers please!

Thanks in advance <3

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    I'm exactly the same darling except I'm 17 :) you just have to enjoy each day as it comes and I know it's sounds like horse sh** but if you can find something everyday that makes you happy then by the time that you are going to... You'll be completely fine with it knowing you've lived every day to it's fullest. Even though I am 100% sure that time is a long way away yet so keep smiling beautiful :) xx

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    I'm an athiest. At least as an atheist you have no fears about eternal damnation - OK, I'm sorry I guess that's not what you're looking for right now.

    Is this worry because you know you are going to die, or because you don't really have anything in your life right now that you really care about and love doing?

    Think about something that you love or did love. Try remembering it for just a moment.

    I'm sorry, I don't think I'm the best person to help you, at least not as a stranger.

    If you want to please email me

    I'm pretty rubbish - so I guess you'll have better people to talk to than me.

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    I am an Atheist too.

    All living things die.

    But in some way you'll continue to live in the hearts of your beloved ones.

    Enjoy each day. Have fun.

    BTW nobody wants to die yet life has to go on.

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