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Did the Maersk Alabama hijacking give us a preview of Obama's response to the 9/11/2012 attack?

Why did Obama make Capt. Phillips wait until his fourth day of captivity to be freed?

The ship was hijacked on Wednesday.

Capt. Phillips was taken hostage on Thursday.

It took until Friday for Obama to recognize it as terrorism and to authorize the use of lethal force. Even then, he allowed lethal force ONLY if the captain's life was in IMMINENT danger.

By then Phillips had attempted to escape on his own, but without ANY SUPPORT ON THE SCENE his attempt failed. He was recaptured and beaten by the pirates.

Capt. Phillips spent all day Saturday at the mercy of his captors. Snipers were not able to fire because the did not see the pirates overtly threatening to kill Phillips.

It took until Sunday for the Navy SEAL Team Six to see the pirates pointing a gun at Phillips and open fire.

All three pirates were killed instantly, and Phillips was finally freed after a four day ordeal.

Obama's order would not allow them to fire until then.

Obama then proceeded to take credit for his success.

SEAL email criticizing Obama is bogus [sic]

21 Apr 2009

'...President Obama delayed decisions to deploy the Navy SEALs because he wanted to resolve the hostage standoff with Captain Richard Phillips "peacefully."

'Wednesday, April 8

'The Maersk Alabama is hijacked by four Somali pirates. The U.S. destroyer Bainbridge, 300 miles away, heads in that direction.

'Thursday, April 9

'Bainbridge arrives in the vicinity of Maersk Alabama as the situation turned ugly and the four pirates took Captain Richards hostage in a lifeboat.

'Friday, April 10

'Captain Phillips jumped into the sea in an attempt to escape his pirate captors, but the Bainbridge was a mile away from the lifeboat at the time and had no special operations forces in the water or the air that could have helped Phillips escape.

'Friday night Somalia time: The President also gave the SEALS the authority to use "lethal force" to rescue Captain Philliips if it was determined his life was in "imminent danger."

'At the same time, the hostage rescue operation was officially designated a "COUNTER-TERRORISM OPERATION,"

'Sunday, April 12

'At 7:19 pm Somalia time, three Navy snipers from SEAL TEAM SIX, lying prone on the fan-tail of the Bainbridge, fired three precision and simultaneous shots that instantly killed the three remaining pirates holding Captain Phillips hostage aboard the lifeboat.'

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  • Peter
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    Shows he takes credit when good things happen and blames everyone else when bad things happen.

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  • 8 years ago

    The peaceful solution is always the first route to explore. You may not have a problem with gunning down black people but I for one would prefer if these things got resolved with no one getting killed.

    This is no different than 10,000 other hostage situations have been handled. You just make it special due to your hatred of the black guy who sits in the oval office.

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  • 3 years ago

    it is getting ridiculous!! I observed an AP article that reported Somali pirates raked in $a hundred twenty five MILLION in "hostage chump exchange" in 2008! i'm hoping they used that money to advance their countrys' residing situations. yet I doubt it!! With all the different "large powers" who those sea thugs have snatched human beings for ransom, you will think of the UN could have already had gun ships blowing pirate vessels out of the water from SIGHT!

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  • 8 years ago

    BLAH BLAH BLAH, The captain was saved and the terrorist are dead , quit your crying

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