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What should i get at starbucks ?

I've never been to starbucks before, but i want to try it soon. What's the best thing there ? *i prefer cold drinks,frappuccinos*

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    I wish you would tell me more of what flavors you like. There really isn't the "BEST THING" because it's all about preference. You can create a frappuccino with coffee or without coffee and there's endless creations you can come up with. It also depends if you like sweet or semi-sweet.

    Right now there's a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. Pretty popular during this time of the year. It's actually kinda good with a Java Chip frappuccino: "PUMPKIN SPICE JAVA CHIP FRAPPUCCINO". It's pumpkin spice flavor with mocha & chocolate chips and coffee.

    Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino is also a promotional beverage this time of the year. It has Mocha & Toffee Nut flavorings. It's topped with whipped cream, caramel, and sea salt. It has that sweet & salty taste that a chocolate covered pretzel would give.

    I like chocolate and a java chip frappuccino is also good with hazelnut, imo. (these last 2 fraps. contain coffee).

    A Vanilla bean Frappuccino with a banana and extra caramel is pretty popular at my store. It's a NON-coffee frappuccino.

    People take this out of the "secret menu" (but really.. starbucks doesn't have one. it's made up creations from customers who make fancy names for them). This tastes like a "Berry Captain Crunch". Hazelnut Strawberries & Cream frappuccino.

    another non-coffee frappuccino that tastes similar to a cookies in creme: A Double Chocolatey Chip frappuccino with White Mocha.

    Like I said.. there's soooo many types of flavors and mixtures you can come up with. You can always tell the barista it's your first time trying Starbucks and you'd like to try a frappuccino. They can come up with one knowing the flavors that you like. Annnnnd taste your beverage before you go and speak up if you really don't like it. The Starbucks promise is to always give a perfect beverage but if you're ever unsatisfied you can give it back and they can remake it for you or make something you might like free of charge.

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    double chocolate chip frappachino or a chai tea frapachino for a more mild taste.

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    i am not really a fan of starbucks

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    iced coffe, mocha frappochino, lemon pound cake

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    Don't forget your checkbook!

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