How to deal with harsh family?

My family members are extremely mean. I have gotten some advice to ignore them completely and kind of drift away from them to make them want to treat me respectfully. But I just cant hold a grudge with someone I love so dearly. I have had an eating disorder in the past, but i slowly overcame it myself as it was affecting me in more ways than i intended. but my sister calls me a pig when i eat. she stares at me like im disgusting and says "fat pig" to my face. but i am far from fat, and it took me hundreds of useless nights sticking my toothbrush down my throat to notice that. and even my father adds hints that im fat like "your butt is getting bigger" "you lost your abs" "i can hear your thighs clapping from over here" and more. he has told me im getting fatter to my face. my mom is a straight up *****. she tells me we will do something and promises me. she never does. she makes plans with someone else. i ask her why did she leave me hanging and she just says you dont do anything for me. your just mean and sit in your room all day. you only come out for dance. and i just tell her that i try to make time for her but she never follows through. i just feel like the whole world hates me sometimes this is too much for a 13 year old. i could really use some advice on how to act towards them.

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    8 years ago
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    Tell them their cruleness is making things worse but thanks for looking out. How about u suggest to do something constructive rather than emotionally scaring. Ask ur family to instead help you with a healthy exersize program or just healthy food program that is supportive. I think they are being supportive of ur weight just not in the right way. Constructive things like this is often seen as fun for others because its working on u not themselves. Keep it friendly

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