USPS postal clerk hours (PSE Sales, Srvc/Distribution Associate)?

I'm considering applying for a job at the post office. The opening is for a PSE Sales, Service, Distribution Associate. The job posting says "Hours: Varies". On average, what time do the Sales/Distribution Associates have to clock in at the facility? I know some City Carriers have to be at the facility really early, like up to 2 hours or more so they can sort and case mail. Do clerks also have to be there that early, or do they get there closer to when the lobby opens?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sales/service/distribution associates, formerly known as window clerks, hours do vary, depending on the hours of operation of the facility at which they work. By "hours: varies", it can also mean that you may or may not work the same number of hours per day. PSE clerks are guaranteed only 2 hours on days they are scheduled to work and most do not work a full 40-hour week.

    Source(s): USPS employee
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