Does he like me, or is he using me?

Okay, so I met this guy at school at the end of last year. He was so lovely and we got on well, and we used to text all the time. He asked to meet up, and was being so flirty and suggesting that we could 'get up to something' at his house becuase his parents were out, but i couldn't make it. I went on holiday over the summer for a month, and every day he would text me, and say how he loved me and things like 'you can't love me as much as I love you'. I didn't take any of this seriously at all, but I started to really like him. He used to call me 'beautiful', and I never, ever get attention from guys. When we went back to school (year 10) he ignored me in the corridors and every time I saw him, but we kept texting, so I asked him why "we aren't we talking" and he said it was because we never see each other. He then ignored my messages and texts, so I gave up because I didn't want to seem clingy or desperate, but it took such a long time to get over him.

So last week, 2 months on, he messaged me. We're talking again, but I'm pissed off and no nearly as open with him. He keeps on trying to get me to 'talk dirty' to him, although he's never actually used those words.

To be honest, I'd prefer to not be talking to him at all, because he led me on and really hurt me. Is he using me?

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Yea he is using you. Ive done it unintentionally before and I regret it. My suggrstions would to stop all contact from that guy ASAP. Whatever made him lose contact with you in the first place, some girl or whatever has given him the cold shoulder and he wants attention. Dont give him the satisfaction. dont text him back just ignore him and get on with your life. hope this helps ya

  • 8 years ago

    Yeah, he's being a complete douche. Plus you don't want to talk to him. I think you should stop talking to him since you already moved on and you should find a new guy :)

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