im a student learning english n was reading book and cant understand?

firstly, im not a native speaker in english and reading a book to study english.

the book i was reading is called "The Lord of the Rings, Official Movie Guide" and there is

a part where explains each characters of the movie about a page per character, and

the part i'm asking you is about 'Pippin'. Actor Billy Boyd played Pippin, and i hope u have heard

of the character to make things easier but even if u havent, its ok i guess:)


" 'Pippin is an individual, he has a lot of spontaneity. He also sees life from a slightly different angle to most people.' So too, does Scottish actor, Billy Boyd, cast in the role of Peregrin Took, affectionately known to everyone as Pippin"

'So too, does ... ' is the part i have a problem in understanding. Does it mean like Pippin, the actor Boyd too likes to see his life from a different angle?

Then does it make sense if i say 'Lucy seems to be a righteous girl. So too, does her sister, May.'?


"He is known for being a bit adventurous and likely to fly off the handle and do things that other hobbits would consider to be not quite hobbit-like!"

Here, what do you mean 'fly off the handle' ?


"Boyd made his film debut playing a loan shark in the Jason Connery movie, 'Urban Ghost Story' and was then cast for 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy' ".

a loan.. shark?? any idea?


"Cat will hop up on a table and just suddenly stop with no forward motion."

what do you mean by 'forward motion?'


"In telling his sons the tale of 'The Hobbit', Tolkien drew on the mythology...."

What do you mean by 'In telling his sons....' , the beggining?

so thats about it i need ur help, thank u so much! :)

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    1. Pippin and the actor Boyd has the same personality.. thats why and the "So Too, Does actor billy... is used..its like the character pippin have the same personality as Boyd

    2. that means losing a temper.. to get angry at something.. :D

    3. A loan shark is a person or somebody who gives loan but with an extremely high interest that causes an individual or its client to go bankrupt. Most loan sharks are also violent hitting their client if they didnt pay.

    4. no forward motion means no action.. Ill rephrase the sentence.. "Cat will hop up on a table and just suddenly stop in the air. " its just like that.. imagine you threw a ball in the air and magically stops in the air with no sign of falling. more like its just floating but even a wind cant move it.

    5. i really dont get because i think there is another sentence before that In telling his sons thing.. but i think the one who said that is a story teller and telling them his sons. the tale of the Hobbit which bilbo baggins wrote.

    i hope i did help

  • 8 years ago

    The first answerer pretty much got it. #5 .... In telling his sons the tale......I read that as "when telling his sons".

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