find the intercepts and use them to graph the equation 6x+4y=24?

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  • Anna
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    8 years ago
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    To find the intercepts, you need to put it in standard form which is ax+by=c

    a, b, and c can be any number

    x is the x-intercept and y is the y-intercept

    Your equation is already in stabdard form which is less work for you to do: 6x+4y=24

    now pick a variable to solve first, x or y. I'll start with x. Since x is an x-intercept, the y-value is always 0, so substitute 0 for y in the equation and solve for x : 6x+4(0)=24


    divide both sides by 6 : x=4 also known as (4,0) <- this is one of the "endpoints" of your line/graph

    now solve for y. you know that y is the y-intercept, meaning that the x-value is always 0, so substitute 0 for x and solve for y : 6(0)+4y=24


    divide both sides by 4 : y=6 also known was (0,6) <- this is the other "endpoint" of your line/graph

    graping these are easy, since you are dealing with x and y intercepts. Just graph (4,0) which is the x-intercept, and graph (0,6) which is the y-intercept and connect the two dots together ;)

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