how do i change yahoo settings?

I need to return my computer to factory default settings with a drivers disk. I do not want to lose some very important pictures i have. i tried to send some pictures through my micrsoft email to my yahoo email. the email is not being recieved what so ever microsoft suggested changing my settings for yahoo to allow for bigger email sizes to be sent and every time i look up how to do that it thinks im talking about font size... someone plz help me how do i change settings on yahoo to allow for a bigger size email

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  • Bob
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    8 years ago
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    Whether you have a free Yahoo! Mail account or a Mail Plus account, you can send and receive emails up to 25MB in size. Unfortunately, we are unable to increase this.

    This means that the total encoded size of the email message you're sending cannot exceed 25MB. Attachments sent with emails have to be encoded into a format other email programs can read. This encoding adds about 33% to the original size of the attachment. So a 1.5MB attachment will turn into a 2MB attachment after encoding.

  • 8 years ago

    I recommend backing up your images to a thumbdrive, SD card, or a writable DVD. Anyone of those options would be far better than trying to store your photos in an email account. You might also want to consider using Dropbox, which will let you sync about 2 gigabytes worth of files for free.

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