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im ttc, & my neck&butt[lower back] & upper leg hurts? could this mean anything?

well about 1 month ago i told my bf i was pregnant ! [ dont ask ]

& about 2 wks later, he started feeling weird....

august 14th i had sex, started bleeding on the 16th.

on the 18th i had sex again, the 24 & 27th i had sex again.

sept. 2nd 3rd & 10th i had sex.

i started bleeding light that night.[the 10th].. if it were a period it was lighter than normal !

but still lasted 7 days. september 25 [ day 16 ] i had sex again...

now october 1st & 5th , i had sex.

i started bleeding again on the 9th , which to me was lighter than september...

on the 15th, when i woke up i noticed it stopped so i had sex

& on the 19th i had sex, [ day 11 ] & the 23rd,

i AM TTC! so i was wondering if i couldve worked!

my bf was sick, feeling nauseated over 1 wk but it has stopped going on 1 wk now.

i feel tired, im sick with a bad cold, my boobs feel funny at times. etc.& i believe i pee a little more

i took a test 2 wks ago -negative

also i feel a butterfly movement in my stomach but i would be no more than 2 months if i were preg.

today is the 2nd day i woke up,my chest sore, like about my boobs.

my butt [ lower back/butt] ached...right side of my neck hurts also.

last week this happened also. why?

my last 3 periods were light.

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    Take a test

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