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I like this girl. How do I talk to her?

I (a boy) was at homecoming (we are in 10th grade) and this girl wanted me to ask her to dance (her friend told me). I danced with her. Two days later at school we don't even talk because I am so shy. HOW DO I TALK TO HER WiThout IT Being AWkwarD?She thinks I'm cute and I'm pretty sure she likes me. I really want to talk to her. Should I begin with an apology for acting so weird around her and not talking to her?

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    no apology, move past it just say hi find out her interests and talk about that, share a joke there are plenty online, gently tease her, don't take any she says or does personally, call her out in a fun if she does something you don't like. your golden man she already likes you! and your a teenager you are suppose to be awkward. learn how to handle women now and prepare to mess up a lot your are young make your mistakes now. you don't want to have learn in your mid me!

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    Perhaps you should start off by explaining to her that you're just a quieter type so she understands the way you act around her.

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