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Is homeschooling acceptable for college? Which homeschooling?

I am in the 11th grade, and I am interested in homeschooling through K12.

I am interested in:

California Virtual Academy

iLearn Online Academy


IQ Academy

If you are educated in any of the above online courses, could you tell me which is the best?

If I do pursue homeschooling, is it still possible for me to attend a good college? I am really interested in Azusa Pacific University or the Claremont Colleges.

If you could please help, it would mean a lot!


I need to be homeschooled for family reasons. I will soon be switching back and forth between cities every other two weeks. Homeschooling will make it possible for me to live with my parents, at the same time as my grandparents. It's not because I am lazy, or anything.

Update 2:

Perhaps I am using the improper terminology, and those schools aren't completely considered homeschooling. I am still looking into them. I am just trying to find a good program in Southern California. Suggestions?

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    If you are planning on attending community college, I recommend taking the CHSPE. It's the legal equivalent of a California high school diploma. Legally, public schools in California have to recognize the CHSPE as a California high school diploma. Once you get word that you have passed the test, you will be done with high school.

    Once you are done with high school, you could study for CLEP tests or take some online classes from your local community college, both will earn you college credit.

    If you plan on skipping community college and going straight to a four year college, then I would recommend staying in school, going with an online public school, or homeschooling.

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    I wouldn't. None of those programs are going to be acceptable. Being in the 11th grade, you're already near graduation. At this point there's really no benefit to you. If high school is too boring or whatever, talk to your school about talking classes a local community college for dual credit.

    But really, at this point, I wouldn't homeschool. If you were in 5th grade, this would be a different discussion. BUT you're so close to graduation. I wouldn't change it NOW. It will REALLY look suspicious.

    Homeschooling in general is more than acceptable in college, but the fact that you would start now is just not going to look good.

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    Since online schooling is a fairly new concept, there is no standard policy regarding acceptance of students who graduate from them. Contact the colleges you are considering and ask what their policy is for students graduating from online schools. Some will consider them like a regular diploma, others won't.

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    All of the programs you listed at public school at home programs. Not a single one of them is homeschooling.

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    I don't see how it can affect you to get into a good college , but your in the 11th grade why not just wait 1 more year ?

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