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any corals that dont require a special light?

i have a 10 gallon tank with a red shrimp a firefish goby and 2 clowns with 8 pounds of live rock i want to add a coral for the tank but dont want to buy a expensive light i have a top fin light on it any corals?

also i have been keeping saltwater fish for a long time and i have a 300 gallon tank and im just wondering what do you like better a banded cat shark, a octopus, or a blue spotted stingray what do you think is the most hardy thanks jack

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    Your 10 gallon is extremely overstocked. No coral will do well, regardless of lighting, as you will not be able to provide stable and clean water conditions. The clowns are bound to bother the coral to death as well, or even knock it over in a constant attempt to rearrange their cramped conditions. Some corals, like zoanthid and mushroom, will even excrete toxins when stressed and can crash a tank that small (can be countered with constant replenished activated carbon chemical filter).

    There are many no-light corals and low-light corals, but none that can work in that setup.

    An octopus is a short lived animal, and a complete waste of a 300 gallon. Nothing goes with them safely, they hide most the day, and are extremely difficult. The banded cat shark would outgrow the tank in a few years. The bluespot is not very hardy, but can work in a 300 gallon. (I am assuming the standard 300 gallon that is 8 feet long and 30 inches wide) The bluespot ship terrible and can be very difficult to get to eat at first. Of the three the cat shark is the easier to acquire and transition to aquarium life, as most are hatched in captivity. It will grow to over 3 feet long and really needs a tank at least 4 feet wide in it sub-adult years for it to even be able to turn around. A juvenile can do OK in a 300 gallon for a year or two tops. Rehoming is a nightmare on larger fish like that!

    On a 300 gallon, Puffer, trigger, eels, groupers, angels, etc, are much better fish. There are some amazing eel that would be a very fine substitution and still a freaky fish!

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