i don't like the way i write but love to write?

I feel like my writing is in a childish manor but i dont know how to fix it. also i good at big details for the story but little detail like what the scenery i like, the surroundings... u know little details. i can imagine it a tiny bit in my head but even in my imagination its just the characters. and also if there is no main part going on i have trouble with the story. im told my storys are good but i just feel like i could do better but cant... oh also my english teachers say (they all said the same thing) that i think to hard (i think to hard in general its a bad thing of mine) also (if this helps) ive been told that (in english) i like to follow the rubric to much like i only write what they want and have a hard time otherwise. i do a good job if i get over that they say (english is my favorite subject can u tell?) what should i do? i love writting and i have started a few storys but i hate the child like writing i have. what do i do??? suggetions???

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have the same problem, you just have to stop thinking about it and write, weed out the little issues, like use bigger words or more complex sentences. About the descriptions, you might have to just put extra effort(or less, mind you) into creating scenery in your mind, then just act like you're trying to describe it to a blind person (except on paper), and if you find that even too difficult, then go online and look up some pics relating to the scenery you're trying to create and get some inspiration, don't just sit there thinking about it. One thing i like to do to get a picture in my head is to think up something completely crazy, then slowly correct it, but not everyone's a visual person, so patience is key.

    Also, while it is a good idea to use the rubric, don't use it like a template, just as an outline, throw your own style into it, your teachers won't penalize you too much for missing one or two details written on it.

    and remember, stressing yourself out only makes it all worse, so just keep calm and let loose!

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  • 8 years ago

    Reading books can help and pay close attention to the way things are discribe in the book(s) I love writting and reading......and I notice when I started to read I got better at writting...

  • Jez
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    8 years ago

    Practice! Really, it helps

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