Am I still going to get arrested?

So basically I got into trouble at school. I threw a piece of crunched of paper at a teacher because he was pissing me off. Now I know it sounds extreamly stupid, but I did it without thinking. Anyways, it was a Friday and they told me they were going to suspend me on Monday, and arrested Tuesday. Doesn't make much sence does it? Well that same day I tried to commit suicide, I took over 5000 MG of diffrent combinations of pills cause I honestly just hated myself for what I did at the time. I got hospitalized for 3 weeks. I have no school tomorrow because its Institute day, so I'm just wondering what to expect when I go back to school. Thank you in advance.

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    8 years ago
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    Play it off like you just was playin and didn't stop to think before hand. Say your sorry and you feel so dumb, and sorry. For now on you will really stop, think, weight the consequences, and, act appropriately. They will love that. You know I was an idiot too. I finally figured out however, (after 60 years) that a guy gotta think about the consequences, how it affects other, and the impact it could have on my life. It surely wasn't good for my peace of mind either, not to mention, as you said, I hated myself. Just do it. Be a good little boy and then you'll love yourself aand others will too.

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    8 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    You probably will not be arrested. if you tried to commit suicide bc of throwing a piece of paper at someone.. well that seems excessive. My advice, chill.

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