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Help!!! my cat is going to have kittens and in the last few weeks she has been licking herself bald!?

Its under her armpit near her nipples and on her leg,a little patch on her back and its looking like the skin is hard. Her lips looked almost like they are snarling on the top she's licked that bad :-( She doesn't have a flea on her and I'm not sure its mange as she looks clean and fine everywhere else. I don't have any money for a vet bill at the moment and I'm worried about her

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    If you can't afford a vet for her you'll never be able to afford the kittens. Take her in TOMORROW for an emergency/gravid spay. Best for everyone, especially your cat.

    Source(s): 42 years of being owned by cats and 32 years of fostering kittens
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    my cat was licking herself a lot before she had kittens. Maybe she's just licking herself because she is going to have kittens soon. Try putting some lotion on it. Try cleaning the pach with a wet cloth. Somtimes my goats get bald paches in different places. I just need to put lotion on them and they go away. Good luck with your cat. Make sure she has plenty of water.

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    Can you bring her to an animal welfare society clinic? Like the person who answered this first, I can't recommend enough that your cat should be spayed asap as well. It does not affect the mother's ability to feed her kittens.

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    do you brush gets dry skin off lavender like 10 drop in spray bottle with water for natural fleas and tree tea oil for antiseptic like 10 ops and water thats for rough catching skin hope i answered it

    Source(s): experience get it at GNC stores
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    for dogs we put somthing foul tasting on their licking spots so that they kick the habit. and when they stop put somthing moisterizig on it

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