I'm iffy about my major in college..?

Okay, so I'm just a freshman at John Jay college. I started out with Forensic Science because I'm interested in all the doctor/police shows and I thought it'd be cool to be involved in all that. Also, I figured that if I wasn't comfortable with that I could have the choice to transfer to a dental school. But I have to take Pre-Calc, Biology, Chemistry, and English. My English is going pretty well, and my Biology isn't that bad. It's just Chem and Math that's giving me problems. I want to switch my major but I feel like it'll be a lot of work. Also I want to be a weather reporter. As a kid, I've always enjoyed writing and performing my own weather scripts in front of my class with my best friend at the time. The problem is John Jay doesn't have a major in broadcast journalism or something involving radio and television arts.. I guess I'm just ramping but I'd really like some kind of advice in what I should do. And whether or not it's a good idea.

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    If you're a freshman and want to change your major, go for it! Most students change their major at least once. I changed my major in the middle of my junior year and still graduated on time!

    Here's what you do: get all of your general ed classes out of the way. English, Math, Arts/Music ... take all the classes that are required to graduate, and take a few selected classes in departments you're interested then. THEN change your major when you've decided which field you like best.

    You can change your major at almost any point (except senior year--I wouldn't recommend it). Changing your major this early on would be the LEAST amount of work. Besides, would you rather have more work and a major you love, or less work and a major you hate?

    Good luck!

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    If you really want to be a weather reporter you don't want a degree in broadcast journalism you want a degree in atmospheric physics. Few good weather reporters are just talking heads, they are being with at least some training in meteorology.

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