The democratic party and it's stance on global warming/ the environment?

Okay, so I am doing a project for government and i have to present the democratic side of the issue pertaining to global warming and the environment for a debate. I have a bit of information and a basic understanding of where democrats stand on this issue. However, I am having trouble finding facts and figures. Also I can't find very much on any plans or ideas Obama has or had. Any information you guys have is greatly appreciated. If you have a source, can you post the link as well? Thank you guys so much! (:

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    8 years ago
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    Why don't you use the IPCC's own reports about Climate Change? Here it is from 2001:

    Please read Chapter 14.2.2 , 14,2,2,1 , and You might find their last paragraph interesting.

    There is also a report from 2007. It's an evaluation of all information given to them from climatologists and other scientists and includes a summary of courses to follow. Most Democrats believe we should be part of a one-world Government which should be run by the UN. The Clinton's believed it and I'm pretty sure Obama wants this too. Have fun with it!

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    Democrats sponsored the Waxman-Markey legislation on climate change. The Senate did not vote on this bill, and it was never adopted, but President Obama supported it, and it narrowly passed in the House of Representatives in 2009. Democrats in the House voted for it by 208 to 44, Republicans there were against it, 204 to 8.The bill would have established a national cap-and-trade system for regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Leading climate scientist James Hansen opposes the cap-and-trade approach due to its flaws, and advocates a version of a carbon tax instead.

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    They want to reduce oil subsidies so we can instead invest in clean energy, not abandoning oil, just refocusing so that it isn't our only viable energy source. To develop all energies in America so we aren't dependent on other countries.

    Read more here:

    Obama/Biden 2012

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