Will the Wii-U be just too weird to catch on?

Just seems really weird to me. A gaming system where the controller has it's own separate screen, and is it's own mini-gaming system?

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  • 8 years ago
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    This actually isn't the first time there's been something like the Wii-U pad.

    If you look at the Dreamcast, it had the MMU, which was actually tiny Gameboy-type device that acted as a memory card for the system. That's why the Dreamcast controllers had an open rectangle in them for the MMU's screen.

    Some games used the MMU's screen in-game, like this board game you played by playing cards from your hand. It used the MMU's screen to display your cards. Each controller used its own MMU.

    Some games even transferred little games to the MMU. This allowed you to take the MMU with you and play. The Dreamcast RPG, Arcadia, let you play a little treasure hunting game to find rare objects and gold. When you plugged the MMU back into your controller and loaded your save game, you also got the treasures you found as well.

    Whether the WiiU succeeds or not depends solely on its games. So far, I'm not impressed. You've got a handful of games from Nintendo that seem more like tech-demos or proof of concept toys to show developers the potential of the Wii-U pad, and then you have a bunch of ports of older games from this generation...that most people have already played on their Xbox 360 or PS3.

    Nintendo has got to hope that 3rd party developers figure out how to use the Wii-Pad for interesting and unique functions or else I suspect the Wii-U will be just like the Wii was. Folks will buy it for the Nintendo games but after those are done it'll just collect dust.

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