My uncle say i can get my navel pierced but my aunt says no. i really want it done should i get it or no ?

i live with my aunt and uncle

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    I'm 13 , and I got my ears , nose and Bellybutton.

    Show your aunt you have responsibility. If you 12 or under. I suggest wait till your like 14 or 15. Some places don't let kids under 16 get it pierced. Others do. If you get it done , you have to realize it takes a year to heal. That means you have to clean it everyday 2 a day. Until' it's fully healed. They need ALOT of maintence. If you show responsibilty , clean your room, take out the trash , give her back massages , clean things without being asked. and Then ask. If she says no again. I suggest you wait a couple of years. If I was living with my aunt , and I kept asking her if I can get one she'd never let me do anything again! Just wait.

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  • 8 years ago

    Depends on how old you are. Is your Uncle a Perv? What happens if you go against the aunt? Where are the parents?

  • 8 years ago

    Well if you really respect your aunt you should wait until she lets you. Maybe if you wait she will see how responsible you are and she will let you! Then you wouldn't feel as guilty :)

    Good luck and I'm sure your aunt will love you no matter what!

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