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Whats going on with me? Please help me with anorexia?


So I am 5'2 15 and I weigh 85 pounds and I am still trying to lose weight. I always feel fat no matter what. I don't really exercise too much because I have a bad back and I eat around 700-1000 calories a day. I am scared to eat anything more because I am terrified to gain any weight. What do I do?

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    Hi Sweetie

    You need help and guidance from someone, I suffered from an eating disorder which I am still trying to recover from.

    You need to think about what your doing to your body and think of how much you need food I was exactly the same as you I was so afraid of gaining weight.

    But I was losing so much weigh and things were happening to my body that I didn't like. I developed an ulcer from not eating enough but there is plenty of others you can get such as kidney failure from not eating enough calories.when I started eating again I was afraid I would put on weight but I didn't gain anything.

    I stayed the same weight ever since I started eating again but if you lose anymore weight you will be hospitalised so please for your own sake look after yourself :-)

    I now try to eat over 1450 -1700 calories a day because my body needs it so please start eating please look after yourself :-)

    Have a wonderful day :-)

    Look after yourself :-)

    Source(s): My experience
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    Hi listen to me! Your doing it wrong! Trust me I knoe cuz I went through the same. I didnt eat alot and felt bad. But guess what! It wasent worth it AT ALL. I gained it all back:\ If yuh keep doing this your gonna slow up your metabolism badly. Instead of being scared of gaining weight you should be eating. Eat right. Exercise everyday eat vegetables n do the right thing! If people call u fat Dont Listen To Them. Be happy always:) live life like its the most beautiful thing. Plz YOU CAN DO THIS!!!:D c:

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    Eat 1,200 ill end up gaining weight if you starve trust me I know

  • Honest answer: You need to man up and tell your parents and get therapy. You will need help and support.

    Source(s): Recovered anorexic of 18 years.
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