How to hang a large wooden quilt rack on the wall?

I just purchased this off of craigslist. It was advertised to be a 6ft long quilt rack, but looks to be closer to 5ft long. Its some type of unfinished wood and has no hardware on the back to hang it from.

I tried these on the back, but they pulled right out when i put the quilts on :/

These are what I have in the wall to hang it on and say they are rated for 100lbs-

Any suggestions? I have no idea what Im doing, so if you could link a picture to your suggested hardware I would appreciate it!

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  • 8 years ago
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    The things you put on the quilt rack were too small, not meant to hold that weight, or you didn't install them properly. Get some small screw eyes and put them in the back of the quilt rack. Drill holes to install the screw eyes into, making sure the holes are slightly smaller than the part that screws in. You can also buy sturdier versions of the stuff you did install that pulled out, and they must be installed with screws, not with nails. Any place that sells picture hanging hardware will have something that will work. Then you can put some picture wire on the hardware that's on the quilt rack and hang it on the hooks in the wall. When you install the picture wire, cut at least 2 feet extra, wrap it around the screw eyes and then take the extra and wrap it around the rest of the wire. That's easier to demonstrate than to describe, and I'm sure that if you look for "how to hang a picture" on youtube, there will be a video showing how to install picture wire on a picture.

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    Hanging Quilt Rack

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    Wooden Quilt Rack

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    === best way is to locate the studs inside the wall and use some long screws into the studs ...

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